I'm a graduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park.

This fall, I'm a Pre-Doctoral Fellow at the Flatiron CCA; I'll be returning to UMD to finish up my third year of graduate school in Spring 2023. I spent my undergraduate years in Berkeley, California, where I earned degrees in Physics and Astrophysics. How unique is the Earth? Are we alone in the Universe? Stay tuned!


Database: high-resolution spectroscopy literature

I'm working to index every theoretical and observational paper on exoplanet atmospheres and high-resolution spectroscopy.

Exoplanet atmospheres at high spectral resolution

I'm working on extracting the "3D-ness" of exoplanet atmospheres with high-resolution spectroscopy along with Prof. Eliza Kempton.

Transit survey follow-up

By searching and accounting for unresolved stellar companions near Kepler targets in Prof. Courtney Dressing's group, I've made updates to exoplanet occurrence rates.

Image-reduction pipeline

With Dr. Lea Hirsch, I've worked to extend an image-reduction pipeline and make it open-source.


UC Berkeley UGSI

I taught as a UGSI (undergraduate student instructor) at UC Berkeley for three semesters.